Friday, October 21, 2016

I have never been a huge music fanatic, but because of dance I have had a lot of interaction with it. I have listened to classic music for ballet and slow contemporary music for modern, lyrical, and contemporary. I also listen to hip hop music and upbeat/pop music for jazz. I use a lot of Disney music and whatever is popular at the time when I am teaching so that the kids stay entertained throughout the entire class. Overall I do not really listen to very much music at home or on my down time, but I listen to a lot of music while I am dancing. I did a contemporary dance to the songs roses and violets by Alexander Jean this past June.


  1. Hi Annabelle, my name is Siham. If you use Disney music, you'll probably know Sabrina Carpenter who is one of my favorite artists. I like her music. I already know the song "roses and violets", I like it by the way.
    Was it difficult to do a contemporary dance to this song? What other musics did you use to dance?

    1. Yes, I know of her, she is one of my cousins favorite artists actually. It was not that hard even though there was many changes in the song. I often times use slower songs because it is the easiest to do contemporary to. To dance I prefer softer sounds because it is easier to focus on the actual moves and not just the music.

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